“Calmness on the inside
creates calmness on the outside.”

Letting go. Slowing down. Taking a deep breath.

Stress Management

In our tightly synchronized every day lives we all face moments of overload, stress and pressure.

Stress management is a holistic method that can be easily integrated into your daily routine in order to let go of tension and to recharge new energy. You will learn how to avoid the three biggest mistakes when it comes to stressful situations and how to cultivate more balance in your life.

Would you like to feel connected to yourself again? Maintaining a healthy, conscious and relaxed lifestyle? Feeling full of energy and in perfect harmony between tension and relaxation?

This also applies for you as a team. A team draws it’s strength from togetherness.

As a former executive and a current associate of my enterprise, working in an international environment, I know from personal experience, that every single person working for the enterprise, whether they are managing directors or employees with individual strengthes and capabilities, they all contribute an enormous value to the company. Therefore only healthy, balanced and motivated teams, who maintain a respectful and appreciative relationship with each other work well together and can do a good job. Reducing stress, creating new energy, communicating in an appreciative way, and creating balance at the same time?

My offerings help you to regain balance in your every day life – be it on a personal or professional level. I am here to guide you and leave the stress behind in order to create a better life quality.



Leave stress behind!

In small groups between 6-10 participants you will learn how to:

Workshop Dates

I am looking forward to getting to know you!

The next 4-day presence workshop
will take place on the following Thursdays:
March 14, April 18, June 20 & 4th of July 2024
in the yoga room at “Bergstation“ Hilden
(fully booked).

I would like to be informed when a new workshop starts.

The next 4-day presence workshop will
take place on the following Saturdays:
August 31, 7th, 21st & 28th of September 2024
in the yoga room at “PhysioPlus Sports Studio“ Cologne

I would like to be informed when a new workshop starts.

Workshop Packages

Customized for you.




€ 449,00




€ 549,00




€ 999,-

* Valid upon registration, up to two months before workshop launch. If you find yourself in a special financial situation, such as being enrolled in school/university, undergoing a training, looking for work or being retired, feel free to get in touch with me and I will make you an individual offer.

** Several weeks after the course we either meet up online or talk on the phone in a 60 minute individual 1:1 session. We make sure that you know how to apply everything that you learned in your every day life and take a closer look at the areas that you might need some more support with.

*** We will have three 60 minute individual 1:1 sessions, either in a telephone call, online or we meet up in person in Cologne. As a life coach I will guide you with your personal topics.


Invest into your future!

You or your team can choose the type of workshop that suits you best. Or are you looking for a more customized, 1:1, 2:1, or intra-corporate workshop? Send me an email and I will get in touch with you!

Together we will come up with a more personal plan that suits your needs and desires.
I will gladly send you a customized offer.

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