“Hi I’m Nicole,
how very nice to meet you!”

My story. My journey.

About myself

I strongly believe that the harmony between body, mind and soul is the key to a happy life. And it is a big desire of mine, to support you to attain this level of harmony. Everything you need to get there, is already inside of you. It is my mission to guide you with the right questions and an open heart.

For the past 20 years I have been working closely and passionately with people. Throughout my career as a manager, an entrepreneur and as a coach, I have always been an attentive listener. I take great interest in people’s life stories, their perspectives as well as their well being.


I decided to study International Management at Maastricht University in order to have an inspiring base for different professional directions. After various internships in- and outside of Germany, my path led me to our family run business.

As a manager I had the opportunity to closely accompany and develop people in various departments of different countries. I was part of an industry that was strongly characterized by quality, efficiency and the connection between people.


At the same time the idea of “Be your change” slowly matured. In 2020 i put my life’s dream into reality and immediately felt: This was my heart’s answer. Ever since then I guide people as a Life Coach. This inner calling truely fulfills me and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn more and more every day.

Would you like to work with me?

My strong points are:
a positive energy – a true connection – an open heart


My Resumé



Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Module 1 (02/24) . Anatomy, sequences & meridians
Module 3 (05/24) . Fascia
Module 6 (06/24) . TCM & the 5 elements

25 units each at Yin Yoga Stefanie Arend, Live-Online



Hormon Yoga Teacher Training

24 units with Shakti Simone Lehner,
Head of Yoga Vidya Center Speyer,
at Unity Training, Cologne, Germany



Temporary stay in Thailand

Advanced Training in Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga &
Life Enhancement Mentoring

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

  Since 2022 



of the «Client-Centered Therapy & Focusing» group
at Medius Rheinland Heilpraktikerschule, Cologne/Germany

  2021 – 2023

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500)

Module 1 (11/22) and Module 2 (09/23)
at Unity Training, Cologne, Germany


Stress Management Trainer

Training at Unity Training, Cologne, Germany


Foundation of “Be your change.”



«5 Phases of Change»

Chinese Medicine according to the 5 changes
Intensive seminar at Xin Bao Institute,
Cologne, Germany


«The Powerful Leader»

Seminar at Dai Shin Zen convent, Buchenberg, Germany

  2018 – 2020

Training as a Natural Health Professional
for Psychotherapy 

at Medius Rheinland Heilpraktikerschule,
Cologne, Germany

  2018 – 2020

Psychological Coaching Training

at Medius Rheinland Heilpraktikerschule,
Cologne, Germany

  2018 – 2019

Conversational Therapy & Focusing Training

at Medius Rheinland Heilpraktikerschule,
Cologne, Germany


«Understanding the Soul»

Basis Module Psychology, Advanced Training

at Medius Rheinland Heilpraktikerschule,
Cologne, Germany

  2017 & 2018

Temporary stays in Thailand

Advanced Training in Meditation, Pranayama & Yoga
at Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

  Since 2014

Take over of Family Enterprise

redi-Group GmbH & International
China, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain & USA

  2009 & 2011

Pascale & Noah

My children’s births

  2002 – 2016

Operations in my Family Enterprise

Various areas of responsibilities:
Interim Management: HR, Purchasing Department & IT
Global Head Offices Board Member, Marketing
Management of Strategic Enterprise Projects
Management Sales & Marketing, International
Management Sales & Marketing, Germany

  1997 – 2001

International Management Studies

Maastricht University, Netherlands
Degree: Master of Economics


For a better life!

Icon_Engagement_Rund_Ecken Sand_2

My family and I regularly get involved with the kids and teens of the Omomas Care Center, which is located in the southern and poorer region of Namibia. Omomas Care Center is a hostel that accommodates up to 150 kids who attend the Federal St. Patrick’s Primary School that is attached to it.

Apart from their school attendance, these kids are being supported to live independently and they are being fitted for the requirements and challenges of their every day lives. Furthermore they are being supported in their personal, social and manual competences in order to enable a self-determined and promising life.

Maybe you would also like to make a change in one of these kid’s lives? We are constantly looking for on-site charity workers and godparents. Of course we are also happy to receive donations of money and goods of any kind.

For further information please click the following link:
Pro Namibian Children e.V.