“We can only heal the things
we are able to feel.”

Getting to the bottom of yourself.

Client-Centered Therapy


Conversations on an equal footing will give you the chance to process and reevaluate your experiences. You will gain new perspectives, break through old patterns and beliefs and cultivate new behaviors.

Everything you need to get to this point is already inside of you. You will begin to recognize the things that come up and block you and then eliminate them accordingly. With experience and an open mind and heart it is my job to help you pave your way. 

“Focusing” uses our physical memory. This tpye of personal development assumes that the skills, required to untie the knot, are already there. In order to unleash them, it is helpful for you, to not only talk about your experience, but also to trace back the physical feelings that you felt at that specific time. Speaking about physical experience is the key in Focusing.

Procedure & prices

The process is always individual.

The duration of a client-centered therapy depends on the complexity of your topics and the readyness to openly encounter yourself.

Even though client-centered therapy is scientifically recognized in Germany, it is not categorized as refundable. However, being on a self-payer-basis has it’s advantages:
You don‘t have to wait for long periods of time and you can decide for yourself, how often you would like to come and see me. Furthermore, I am not subject to statutory health insurance regulations, such as reporting or methodic restrictions.

Advanced Education

Client-Centered Therapy & Focusing

I will be your lecturer at “Medius Rheinland – School for Registered German Naturopaths“ and the training I teach there contains the essentials of working in a process-oriented way regarding counseling and therapy, as well as typical counseling situations.

Here is a list of topics that we touch on:

♡ Sensitivity for the relationship with your counterpart

♡ Deeper empathy for your client

♡ Gentle guidance in decision making

♡ Structuring problem-solving processes in an appreciative way

For further information follow this link:
Medius Rheinland – School for Registered German Naturopaths

New Training 2024/25

Would you like to be your own change?

Live at Medius Rheinland – School for Registered German Naturopaths, Cologne.

♡ Dates ♡

09. & 10. November 2024
01. December 2024
18. & 19. January 2025
15. & 16. February 2025
15. & 16. March 2025
05. & 06. April 2025
03. Mai 2025
24. Mai 2025
28. June 2025

Always from 10 AM to 3:30 PM


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