A heartfelt bond.



This morning I accompanied a friend of mine to her father’s funeral. With all my heart, I was part of a very peaceful community. I silently observed myself and everything that happened around me.

Sergio Bambaren’s quote touched me very deeply and I would love to share it with you because I think it does not only apply in the context of a funeral, but also to phases of letting go in general.

Sibling love

„But at a moment’s notice one takes the other one’s hand or lends his favorite teddy bear“ [source unknown]

I am deeply grateful about the fact that my kids Pascale and Noah „have each other“. Even though sometimes  no stone is left standing on the other, they are still as thick as thieves.

Just like my brother and I. Whenever we need a shoulder to lean on. – What a wonderful gift our parents have given us!

What kind of experiences have you been able to make with your siblings or kids?


Compassion arises naturally as the quivering of the heart in the face of pain, ours and another’s. True compassion is not limited by the seperateness of pity, nor by the fear of being overwhelmed.

When we come to rest in the great heart of compassion we discover a capacity to bear to witness to, to suffer with and hold dear with our own vulnerable heart the sorrows and beauties of the world. [Jack Kornfield]

I personally think that compassion is basicly the essence of charity 🤍

Maybe there is somebody in your life who you would like to say „thanks for being there for me“ to? Or maybe you would like to say it to yourself? We can show compassion as much to others as we can to ourselves.

Self Love

“Take the thorns of your life and place them on acupuncuture points for more serenity, more self-love, more growth and more wisdom“ [source unknown]

Every encounter and and every situation that you experience is an opportunity for you to cultivate more self-love and compassion and to practice being more at ease.

Be your change.
Love, Nicole


Love is ...


“Love is the bridge between you and everything.“

Nothing more to add.

Lots of love,
Nicole 🤍