“Hold space for yourself.
Being close to your heart.“

In union with your life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Would you like to feel strong, alert and powerful again? Would you like to feel connected to your heart? Being in union with your life again? Are you looking for career satisfaction, bliss in your relationships and more trust in your personal growth? Would you like to feel and restore a deep sense of calm? And to have trust and faith to welcome  the now and your future with more joy?

My offerings are a great way to get your journey started.

Life Coaching is a mindful, intense and objective form of guiding you towards yourself and your needs. It is the path that leads you to a self-determined life – also with regards to your career.

Together, with an open heart, we‘ ll go on a journey of self-discovery, knowing that the solution is already inside of you. We will discover your strengthes and abilities and find new persepectives. I will also help you to step into your own power in order to face any kind of challenge.

Life Coaching affects all areas of your life: Your career, relationships, family and health and of course – yourself. If one of them gets out of balance, the others often follow suit.

When you feel stuck and dissatified you often lack the power and possibilities or persepectives to untie the knot. But since it is your “knot“, you are the only one who has the power to untie it.

I am here to guide and support you on an equal footing to discover your abilities and to unfold them in order for you to find balance and a more self-determined life.


All coachings are customized.

Depending on your desires, I work with various types of coaching methods – modern as well as classic ones. Which one suits you best in order to regain balance is something that we figure out together.

Psychological Coaching – finding the root within your heart

Psychological Coaching is basicly an investigation of causes. Through trustful conversations we will look into your past for possible triggers that may have led to your current challenges. The better you understand the causal relations in your narrative, the better you can recognize obstacles and thus face and eliminate them.

Systemic Coaching – a view for the entirety

Systemic Coaching considers every person to be a complex and one of a kind system. You will get to know your individual “system“ and how to flow in it in order to gain new possibilities and perspectives. We strongly focus on the interaction of mode of behavior and changes in behavior.

Converational Therapy – bringing the inside out

Through the element of conversational therapy, you, your feelings and your desires, as well as your ideals and goals are at the center of attention. As a coach, I will mirror anything you tell me in a non-biased way. Through my questions you will be able to gain new perspectives regarding yourself and your life.

Focusing – being in touch with your body

Focusing assumes that our body knows a lot better than our mind, what is good for us and what isn’t. Physical experiences and talking about them help you to shift and notice your attention and to mindfully create a change.

Meditation – the power of stillness

A regular meditation practice will help calm your mind and bring your emotions into balance. This balance will lead you closer to your inner self. Without judgement, meditation will help you to be in the moment more mindfully and to shift your focus towards what IS in this very moment.

Pranayama – letting the life energy flow

Pranayama are breathing exercises that help you recharge your body and mind and  to connect them with each other. Pranayama will stimulate your flow of energy. Breathing is life and breathing is mind. Acknowledge your breath as the loyal and friendly companion that always cares for you.

Walk & Talk – hiking with heart and mind

In Walk &  Talk we go on a walk together and exchange opinions and views. The combination of walking and talking in nature is known to be very effective. The power of the woods endows us with a special kind of magic – they are helping you to calm down and recharge at the same time. The journey is it’s own reward. You arrive in the moment and find it easier to reach your inner self.

A good Coaching?


As a matter of fact it’s not… Even though the right type of coaching with the right person can positively change your life from the bottom up.

There is no fixed price for a coaching. You usually come to me on a self-payer basis. The advantages are that you don’t have to wait for long periods of time and that you can decide for yourself how often you would like to come and see me.

Due to this I, as a coach, am not subject to statutory health insurance regulations, such as reporting or methodic restrictions. This way we can work together very individually.

The duration of a Life Coaching strongly depends on your topics, as well as your process. Let’s talk about these framework conditions before we start.

By the way, many companies bear the expenses of one-on-one coachings for the purpose of personal development. Therefore, they do not only invest into their employees but also into the sustainability of their company. As an entrepreneur I had the chance to see for myself that mindful coaching results in a healthier and better working atmosphere, as well as a more motivated working group.


Personalized for you.

 Come together


In a one-on-one conversation we can find out if we are a good match.
You decide whether you feel in good hands and safe with me.

You know:
You are at the right place.



You help me to get a better idea of yourself and your topics. I will listen closely and ask a lot of questions in order to understand your concerns. Together we decide what to focus on.

You feel:
I am being understood.



Using different methods, we take a deep dive together and decide about the goal of your life coaching.

You recognize:
This is what it is about.



We focus on realignment. From different angles, you take a closer look at your life, you try new approaches and manifest new habits. 

You notice:
Something is shifting.



Our life coaching is coming to an end and you navigate towards the safe haven. Together we will look back at the journey, reinforce the changes and discuss possible future challenges.

You feel confident:
It’s all good.

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