Being your true, authentic self.


It’s up to you!!!


Every single moment you have the opportunity to decide whether your mind leads you to hell or to paradise – choose wisely.

Be your change.
Love, Nicole

Get out of your comfort zone ...

When skiing, I constantly experience my limits. I very clearly feel fear. The fear arises… I feel it, I accept it, and I directly face it on all levels. Such an intense practice!

Once I have stepped out of my comfort zone, my heart leaps with joy every time!! Afterwards, I am incredibly proud of myself, I am aware of the step I have made in my personal development and I simply feel so free afterwards!

What are your limitations that you would like to to leave behind?

That's life!!

“We no longer need to be scared of arguments, confrontation, or any kind of other problem, be it, with ourselves or with others. Even stars collide sometimes and through these collisions, new worlds are born. Today I know that THIS IS LIFE!“

I completely agree with Charlie Chaplin that new worlds are born in chaos. At first, the path that leads us there may be challenging and difficult – Facing the world or maybe even more difficult, facing myself in these moments of struggle.

However, if we approach it with mindfulness, calmness, and a certain softness, not only do we have the chance to grow further, we are also able to dive into new worlds.

May you have the courage to mindfully face this chaos in order to meet yourself and the world in a completely different way.

From heart to heart,
Love, Nicole

In all beginnings ...

Just like the season fall shows us over and over again:

Leaves fall off a tree , allowing new buds to grow on it‘s branches in spring.

Retreating yourself in order to create new things. A new kind of abundance.

Be your change,
Love, Nicole

Thorns of life.

“Take the thorns of your life and place them on acupuncuture points for more serenity, more self-love, more growth and more wisdom“  [source unknown]

Every encounter and every situation in life gives you the opportunity to grow in self-love and compassion and to practice more serenity.

Be your change 🤍
Love, Nicole

Be your own change.

“Nothing changes until you change yourself. And suddenly, everything changes!” [Source unknown]

So true! Once you embark on your own journey you can reinvent yourself and your entire life with it… and all of a sudden, everything completely changes with you.

Be your change.
Love, Nicole

Healing ...


May you and all the wounds that you carry with you,
heal step by step over time …

Sending you the warmest hug.


Be your change.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” [Dr. Wayne Dyer]

I think, this is one of the keys to inner peace.

However, I know from my own experience that it is not always easy to apply this accordingly.

Many of my clients often find themselves at a point in their lives where they lack ease. They feel sad and puzzled and often times don’t know how to keep going.

Their view is often clouded and they are far off gaining clarity to move into a different direction. They feel trapped and find it difficult to cultivate new perspectives.

Consequently, it makes them even happier to see how much changes by simply changing their perspective on life. It makes a huge shift – in their inner and outer world.

I am well aware that this alone is not the answer to all their questions, but a new persepective on things makes them go through life with so much more ease. All of a sudden they are able to find new answers.

This aha moment together with the gleam in their eyes truly fulfills me every time. On that note, i wish you a vibrant day.

Lots of love,

Now. The only time!

„The only time that can change everything in life.“

There is this ONE time that can change everything in life. This time is exactly NOW ✨, NOW✨ and NOW ✨.

Every day anew … whenever you truly desire it and make it happen.

It is always possible– in this very moment!

What would you like to change about your life?

Letting go.

So true. From the moment we are born, and even earlier, at the stage of cellular devision, we are constantly subject to letting go. We keep going from phase to phase over and over again.

The same thing happens, when we take a closer look at our breath: we inhale, and “take the world in“ in order to just let it all go again, a moment later. This shows even more how important it is, to look at letting go with a bit more ease.

It is simply part of our existence. In all areas of our life we are, consciously and unconsciously, letting go all the time.

Self Love.

Self love is a big part of self-care. Be gentle with yourself and embrace the pain as it is – it is part of who you are.

By embracing the pain and being gentle with yourself you are comforting yourself and letting your heart heal itself in the process.

A big and warm hug.
Love, Nicole

Be your change!


Change always starts within yourself.
On the inside as well as on the outside.

Be your change!
Love, Nicole