“Experiencing the value of Yoga within yourself. Feeling connected.”

In connection with yourself.

Personalized Yoga


Yoga means connection. Connection with everything that is. Connected with yourself and the people around you. Connected with yourself and the world. Yoga is oneness. Yoga is unity. Yoga means uniting and balancing body, mind and soul.

It offers a variety of practices: Physical exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation, nutrition, positive thinking and meditation.

These are all different ways of calming your mind, keeping your body healthy, raising your energy, encountering your innermost self and bringing yourself back into harmony.


Being present in your body!

Asana –
activating your body’s self-regulating forces self-healing powers

Asanas help you to stay healthy and to cleanse your body and mind. They strengthen and firm your body while keeping it soft at the same time. Feel into the powerful and relaxing exercises – it’s your journey towards well being.

Meditation –
finding strength in stillness

Regular meditation helps you to calm your mind and to balance your emotions. This calmness guides you towards your inner balance. Meditation helps you to consciously be in the moment without holding any judgement. It helps you to draw your attention to whatever is happening in this very moment.

Pranayama –
letting the energy of life flow

Pranayama are breathing techniques that help you to recharge and reconnect your body and mind. It also stimulates your flow of energy. Breathing is life, breathing is mind. Look at your breath as the loyal and close companion that it is. It’s always there for you, whenever you need it.

Procedure & Prices

Time just for yourself!

Mobilization, strengthening and relaxation. Your private yoga class will always be customized according to your needs. I will support you in your personal development, whether you are new to the yoga world or well-advanced. I will guide you holistically. I teach a modern definition of traditional Hatha Yoga, in combination with Vinyasa and Yin Yoga elements. In a preliminary talk we will discuss your personal goals.

I also offer group classes – be it privately or at your workplace.
I will send you a customized offer, depending on your requests.

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