“Experience yourself the value of yoga.
Being with yourself.”

In connection with yourself.

Personalized Yoga


Yoga is connection. Connection with all that is. Connection with yourself. Connection with your next ones. Connection with yourself and the world. Yoga is oneness. Yoga is union. Union and balance of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga offers you a variety of practices:
Physical exercises, breathing, relaxation, nutrition, positive thinking and meditation.

These are all ways to quiet your mind, keep your body healthy, increase your energy,
feel your inner self and come into harmony with yourself.


Be with you all the way!

Asanas – activating self-healing powers

Asanas serve your health and the purification of your body and mind. Thus, the postures cause your strengthening, firmness and lightness at the same time. Feel the individual powerful and then again relaxing exercises. The way
to your well-being.

Meditation – finding strength in silence

With regular meditation you bring your mind to rest and your emotions into balance. This balance leads you to your own center. Meditation helps you to be clear and aware in the moment, without judgment, and to focus your attention on what is right now.

Pranayama – allowing life energy to flow

Pranayama are breathing exercises that help you recharge your mind and body and connect them together. Pranayama stimulates your energy flow. Breath is life, breath is spirit. Recognize your breath as a faithful and friendly companion that powerfully supports you at all times.

Process & Costs

Time just for you!

Mobilization, strengthening and relaxation. Your private yoga class will be prepared for you and your needs each time anew. You will be supported in your individual development – whether beginner or advanced – and holistically accompanied by me. You practice with me traditional Hatha Yoga modern defined as well as different elements from Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. In a preliminary talk we will discuss your goals together.

I am also happy to teach a group – privately and professionally!
According to your wishes I will make you an individual offer.

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