Be right here  – right now.


Time for mindfulness

Did you take any time to practice being mindful today?

Did you consciously perceive your senses?

What can you see in this very moment?

What sounds can you hear?

What are you feeling right now?

Maybe you can also smell or taste something…

What is it?


“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves“
[Jack Kornfield]

What is it that distracts you most from yourself and others?

And what is it that keeps bringing you back to yourself and your loved ones?

Happy day to you all,
a loving hug,


“As I sit in silence my heart speaks.” [Unknown]

So true! Whenever I sit down in silence, I am really able to listen to my heart closely.

Does this happen to you too? Do you meditate as well? Or how do you figure out what your heart is trying to tell you?

May you have a wonderful day!
Stay connected.

Love, Nicole

More mindfulness

Just take a quick break in your busy life.

Give yourself a little break and take some time – just for yourself.

Make your senses come to life.

Take a deep breath and consciously breathe in the scent of nature.

This may be the scent of your favorite flower, soil, that is soaked with rain water, the scent of a freshly peeled orange or the scent of your loved one’s piece of clothing.

Just pause… And you will experience the “here and now“.

Diana Ackermann says: „Nothing is more memorable than a scent.“

How do you feel about this?

Love, Nicole


“There is strength in tranquility.“

These days I completely live by this WONDERful quote.
Meditation, Yoga and time in nature help me to unwind.

How do you find tranquility?